Serving land acquisition professionals throughout the Land of Lincoln since 1955!

About Us

IRWA Illinois Chapter 12 is a chapter of the International Right of Way Association and has been serving land acquisition professionals throughout Illinois since 1955.

Our members are land acquisition professionals who work in all facets of acquisition, management, and disposition of real property, and serve many sectors of industry and government, including:

  • Local, Regional, State, and National Government
  • Public Utilities
  • Energy
  • Commercial and Office Development
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication

The land acquisition profession is an important one. The infrastructure associated with modern society: highways, airports, broadband fiber optic cable, skyscrapers, pipelines, just to name a few, require real property.

Explore our web site and feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you and show you how IRWA Illinois Chapter 12 can serve you. Membership provides many important benefits for land acquisition professionals.

Our History

On a vacation trip to California around 1955, Frank Kaplan, head of the Survey Division of the Cook County Highway Department, visited the California State Highway Department to investigate their operation. While there, he was introduced to Frank Balfour who was head of the California State Highway Right of Way Department and who had founded the Southern California Right of Way Agents Association in 1934. The organization evolved into the American Right of Way Association.

Upon returning, Kaplan discussed the meeting with Balfour and ARWA literature with Raymond J. Budinger, the head of the Land Procurement Division of the Cook County Highway Department who was Frank’s boss. Ray Budinger was interested. The first organizational meeting of Chapter 12 was held in Ray Budinger’s office on September 29, 1955. Fourteen men attended; all enthusiastically offered their services for any job. Budinger was elected President at a subsequent meeting. On October 31, 1955, the Charter meeting for Chapter 12 was held at the Bismark Hotel in Chicago. There were thirty-eight charter members and applicants. A year later the chapter had seventy-six names.

In 1957, the Third Annual Education Seminar was hosted by Chapter 12, and in 1968, the Fourteenth National Seminar was hosted by the Chapter at the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago. Chapter 12 has always stressed the educational needs of its members. In fact, Chapter 12 was one of the first chapters to present a course on “Negotiations” in 1966.

Today, IRWA Illinois Chapter 12 has approximately 160 members, and still strives to meet the educational needs of those members.

Meet the Officers

President / Bill McIntyre

Bill McIntyreBill works for Ameren Illinois Company as a senior right-of-way agent in Peoria, IL. He has over 25 years of right-of-way experience in the Real Estate Department at Ameren and has been working in the electric transmission department for the past 5 years. Bill received his SR/WA in 2013.

Bill and his wife, sweet Diane, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by taking a cruise from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage Alaska and then Bill attended the Annual IRWA Education Conference in Anchorage. He serves as an elder at Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria and enjoys serving in a leadership role in the missions program there. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, kayaking, hiking/biking, yard work, grilling, and spending time with friends and family.

Vice President / Smedmore Bernard

Bill McIntyreSmed is the Managing Director of 1st AEROW Valuation located in Chicago, Illinois.





Treasurer / Rob Kirkpatrick

Rob KirkpatricRob works for Ameren Services as a Real Estate Supervisor, leading a team of 11 ROW agents across Illinois that handle electric distribution, gas transmission, gas storage, and property management. He started with Ameren in 2012 acquiring electric substations and was on the team that handled real estate activities for the divestiture of Ameren's merchant generation fleet in 2013.

Prior to joining Ameren, Rob worked in commercial real estate development, brokerage, and property management for nearly two decades across Illinois and Pennsylvania.
Rob is a die-hard football fan, and spends much of his time at his youngest son's sporting events. He and his wife Jackie enjoy traveling, boating, and exploring new wineries.

President Elect / Mark C. Mathewson

Mark C. MathewsonMark joined Mathewson Right of Way Company in August 2013 and became licensed to practice law on October 31, 2013. Since becoming an approved negotiator by the Illinois Department of Transportation in November 2013, Mark has successfully negotiated over 275 parcels throughout the State of Illinois. Currently he concentrates on right of way negotiations and is a member of the firm’s condemnation litigation team. Mark is an active member of the International Right of Way Association having been elected Treasurer of the Illinois Chapter for the 2015-2016 term.

Secretary / Patty Bajt

Bill McIntyrePatty works for ERM as a Project Scientist in the Impact Assessment and Planning Practice, Land Services. She has four years right of Way experience including document review and information management. Previous to joining ERM, Patty worked at Land Surveying/Civil Engineering firms in the land surveying departments. She has also held an Illinois Real Estate license since 1991. Over the last few years she has worked primarily on the Ameren Illinois Rivers Project, recently branching out to ComEd work.
Patty spends her free time gardening and beekeeping.

Past Presidents

Cassy Beary
Kris Koehler
Rachel Bricout
Laura Moonshower
Tim Fehr
Debra Leetzow
Andy Viola
Alice Johnson
Brad Krabel
Robin Upchurch
John Pribich
Gerald Cain
Carol Bellinger
Terry Mulcahy
Jeffrey Stenger
Rick Trelz
John Ammons
Dave Sommerfeld
Thomas Mahoney
Dave Sommerfeld
James Pauk
John Ammons
Donald Penn
James Tatera
C. David Ward
John Lay
Terry Mulcahy
Norman Lienemann
Bernard Boyle

Service Committees

Communication & Marketing: Lisa Krenz
Education: Theresa Campbell
Ethics: Lawrence Bellinger
Membership: Cassy Beary
Nomination & Elections: Dave Sommerfeld
Professional Development: Robin Upchurch

Education Committees

Asset Management: Vacant
Environment: Dan Field
Legal/Legislative: John Ammons
Local Public Agency: Theresa Campbell
Pipeline: Dave Sommerfeld
Relocation: Kim Polk
Surveying & Engineering Mike Filipski
Transportation: Carlos Molina
Utilities: Rob Kirkpatrick
Valuation: Dave Rogers

IRWA-Illinois Chapter 12 Bylaws